Friday, January 23, 2009

Philosophy of A Fly Guy Who Goes By Dot

Ain't it crazy how life is? You never know what's going to happen or when. I've always had my ideals of the workings of the universe and the almighty GOD. For example, do you think everyone has a pre-planned life, and that the events/things that happen were written? Or do you think that fate has nothing to do with it, and every action is the one that you have chosen and is legitimately yours. Personally, I like to think that while we have overall control our actions, the universe/GOD places events/family/friends/random encounters in our lives to help us learn about ourselves and ultimately grow in some particular direction. Now, I don't want to say one direction is good and one is bad, but there is a major difference in choices. Something as complicated as do you break up with someone or do you stay together or something as simple as what color socks should I wear today, black or white. Every decision has a consequence, but it depends on the person whether the consequence is bearable or not. I hate to think that my life is all planned out, because I feel like I have no control over what happens; as if something bad happens, it's like, damn, was there anyway I could have prevented this? At least with my view, there is a chance that one can avoid negative events; but negative events build character. Have you ever talked with someone who had a perfect life? I didn't think so, mainly because they would probably be the most boring person ever and also probably piss you off, cause you will start to compare yourself, we are only human. Everything a person has been through makes them who they are today, now this is where good and bad come into effect, because in the end a person will either be a good person or a bad one, but that is their choice on which path they want to take, the universe/GOD only gives you the tools, but doesn't tell you what to build. It is nerve racking that we don't know the outcomes of our actions and that many of times we feel powerless in our decisions, but isn't that what the basis of our lives are, to learn, experience and ultimately discover who we are and what we want/like/desire. If you read this entire thing, I thank you because these are the types of things I think about when I lay in my bed, these are the types of things I try to converse with the universe/GOD with, and I thought it would be interesting to place my thoughts into words for you to read. My last comment is this: Everyone strives to figure out what the meaning of life is, and at 23 years old, I think I figured it out. The Meaning of Life is to experience life, is to enjoy life, is to feel life, in the end, to live life.

"I never claimed to be a street dude/Only time I've been over the pot was making cheap noodles/Do you dudes appreciate a nigga's truth/Or would you rather me make up some shit that I didn't do/And who I didn't shoot/What brick I didn't move/I guess I can't make music because I went to school"
-Wale- "Searching" by Young Chris ft. Wale

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Anonymous said...

I feel you, I think we have an ultimate destiny, we some-what have control over it. You can either do wrong or right. I do also think we have an ordained life, GOD already has his plan for us, and we are support to grow every-which way until it is our calling. Our calling to be molded by him.

Good point on everything we do have a consequence--i.e picking a black or white sock, you'll probably go out sit down and be like 'damn I shouldn't have worn a black sock or a white sock would've been better."