Thursday, May 28, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Argg!! I need my life to catch up to my brain! What does that mean exactly you ask? Well, I'm sitting here in my apartment listening to Drake for like the billionth time and I'm watching these video interviews with him on the many blogs that I read, and I can't help but admire dude. NOW, I'm not talking bout that "Oh I want you" admiration, but that "I have the upmost respect." I respect his craft and that he aint out here rapping about straight BS....Souija Boy where are you? Reason I say this is because dudes like Drake, Lebron, Big Sean, Shia Labouf; all these dudes are my age doing what they love. Rapping, acting, playing amazing ball, its like damn I need to catch up and do something extraordinary with myself. The dreams in my head have yet to materialize into the real world. I'm not trying to force anything, or even try to get some sympathy; I know that I have time and hard work brings big accomplishments.... but I wouldn't be against a small bone thrown my way lol. Shoot... maybe this blog I'm writing will catch the eye of someone big, and then.... There goes my brain again. But naw, seriously yall know anybody?

Sidenote: In response to the comment made on my last post. I was thinking about taking a picture with 'Ye, but I remember reading something about how he (and other celebrities) just hate when people always trying to take pictures and OD when they see them. I already kinda pushed it by calling his name out like I saw a fire lol, I didn't want to bother him more than I already did; even though dude is a celebrity, he still is entitled to some respect.

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Anonymous said...

A quote from Cudi himself "when i first came to ny and had no friends lol, i use to hang n times sqaure all day watchin movies alone. zonin"--via twitter (imcudi)

You aren't the only one playing caught up, we all are..but look how far we all came, and you are doing better than most. Success will come, don't rush greatness.