Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Has Been Up As Of Late

My my my, it has been a long time hasn't it. Yeah, I've been updating the blog with hella videos, but I haven't actually touched base and had a conversation with you all. Well, I finally got some time and some things to actually comment on. It's been a bout a month or so since I moved to NYC and everything is going pretty well. My apartment is coming together; my room is was already set the first weekend, but now I got my living room really coming together. I got a nice 47 inch flat screen, a tv stand to hold the bad boy on and a super comfortable futon couch. All I need now is a super sexy area rug and some art work on the walls, and I already started my acquisition of some art. Now, all of this sounds good, however, there are some negatives to this new move. First of all, I literally have a limited amount of friends. Besides my sister, my girl and one or two actual friends, thats all I got. But the people I do have here have their own people, so it's kinda like a losing battle at times. Maybe its because nobody knows I actually live here yet or that I am not on anyone's radar or it could just be the fact that we didn't really fuck with each other in college why should we start because we are in the same city. It is what it is though, I'm just going to get used to doing the solo thing, cause honestly those were the cards that I was dealt. I'm also kinda lil pissed off cause I could have went to see Drake in concert tonight down at S.O.Bs....but my dumbass waited too late and the show became sold out. Let's learn from that dumb mistake and buy things in advance, because I knew it was going to be sold out. Ooh, I do have a celebrity sighting though. So on Sunday my cousin and I were walking in SOHO on Greene Street. I'm sitting there talking to my cousin, and when I look up, who do I see but Kanye West. So, what do I do? Call him out like he was one of my homeboys, I yell out, "Kanye!" and he walks up to me and is like "Damn fam, you put me out there" and I responded with "My bad, I admire your work", shook his hand and kept it moving. It was that quick. He didn't have any entourage with him either, just some white dude and what was even crazier is that the street we was on nobody was on it, it was like destiny lol....ok maybe no destiny, but it was still pretty sweet. I think that is pretty much everything, you have been officially caught up on what has been going on while I am in NY. And I won't leave you too long without one of these good ol' update posts.

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Anonymous said...

It's always an adjustment moving to a new city, you should definitely branch out go to galleries,sneaker spots, and different social events to network/connect with folks.

It must've been dope seeing 'Ye tho, I'm surprised you don't have a picture to capture the moment.