Friday, June 12, 2009

I Got Skills... Ninja Skills For One

What up my faithful readers, how is life treating ya? All is well on the east coast of the country, just got some interesting insights to share. First off, I know everyone has been watching one of two finals, the Red Wings are on the verge of taking the Stanley Cup and the Lakers are on their way to getting some rings. And lets be real, I want the Red Wings to win because....uh, duh, Detroit. But the whole Lakers/Magic series, I know that Kobe is going to take it, but I still like to see an actual series. All I gotta say is "Free Throws & Turnovers." Oh, I think I'm a low key celeb magnet, cause yesterday I went to the 40/40 Club to watch the game, and definitely saw Beyonce, Farnsworth Bentley, DJ Clue and Bria Myles, and this is just an observation, but her a$$ is utterly ridiculous.... I know ya heard bout that whole Charles Hamilton x J-Dilla situation. And if you haven't, here is a quick background: Pretty much, Charles Hamilton released album artwork for his upcoming album, which stated that his executive producers were himself and James Yancy (J-Dilla). J-Dilla was a very respected and popular producer/rapper from Detroit and passed away about 5 years ago due to complications with a blood disease. Now, how can someone who has been dead for the last 5 years executive produce an album for an artist who just got put on? Exactly, he can't and thats where the controversy comes in. Its even worse because I was reading on NahRight, and they pretty much showcased all of Charles Hamilton's Epic Failures... its a damn shame. He pretty much is committing career suicide before he has even got a career. And you know what my favorite hip hop blogger J Smooth probably hit the issue right on the head, I suggest that you watch his video so you can understand what I'm talking bout.

Hmmm, before I post some new videos, I do have some quick thoughts

inFamous for the PS3 is amazing and addictive, pick it up if you need something new to play

Next Wednesday [July 17th], software 3.0 releases officially for the iPhone

Speaking of the iPhone, AT&T is horrible... I won't have MMS on my phone until they get their acts together, 3.0 software or nothing.

I hate flys, especially big ass ones.... which is making me want to go down to maintenance and tell them to finally put some screens on my windows!

And now the videos!

J Smooth - Operation Ignore Charles Hamilton

Jadakiss feat. OJ The Juiceman - Who's Real

Young Jeezy - Got Allot [Remix]/ Don't You Know <----Told you this was coming

Amerie - Why R U?


Tellum said...

Hmmm....this post is titled "I got skills....Ninja Skills for One" but no where do u mention those skills. Are you sure they exist. Interesting!

your not even agile

Anonymous said..., I hope you saw this..Too funny man.