Friday, June 19, 2009

My Mac and Me

Arg!! So my hard drive on my laptop crashed this morning... Yea,
amazing right, I was trying to charge my phone and add some music on
to it, but instead I lost the ability to use my computer. So I went
online to book a reservation and the only time available is 4am on
Monday morning. Who the hell wants to go anywhere at 4am in the
morning?! On top of that, it looked as if my laptop was out of
warrenty... Sucks for me lol. But something ended up working out; I
called Apple up and a customer support dude actually went into the
system, saw that I purchased Apple Care (warrenty) and activated it
for me! So now I have to send my computer out and get a new hard drive
installed. Now the horrible news is that EVERYTHING on my laptop is
about to be gone: documents, programs, music, photos, all gone... Well
at least I'm getting it for free and my phone still works.

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Anonymous said...

It does suck to lose your documents, music and pictures when your hard drive crash...You can probably get them to do a professional hard-drive recovery though, ask them about it. My computer crash the other day, I went the cheap route and got a friend to try to recover it and lost everything for real. At least you can get back some of your pictures via facebook, documents via email, music...dissect someones library.