Sunday, July 12, 2009

Do I Really Need An Intro?

You know what people over look when it comes to music artist's albums: The Intro. The intro speaks magnitude about the product the listener is about to listen to. It sets the mood, it lets you know what type of ride you are about to get on and where you are going. I think the intro is one of the most under-appreciated part of any cd/mixtape. Usually its shorter in length than any of the other tracks on the album, and depending on the artist, could have none to minimal content lyrically. But honestly, thats what I love. I love a good intro that is simple and short at times, an intro isn't suppose to be 5 minutes long, its suppose to give you a taste of what you want to hear. Can you remember an intro that made you sit back and go "damn, that was great." And what's even worse, majority of the albums released now don't even have an intro. There is no lead into the album, its first track here, lets get started. Now, I'm not saying to have a great album you have to have an intro, there are many great albums out there with no intro, but the intro is definitely something I admire and look forward to hearing.

Intros That I Love

Intro - The Neptunes - The Neptunes Present The Clones
Interlude - Jay-Z - The Black Album
Baba Says Cool For Thought - Lupe Fiasco - The Cool
The Recession (Intro) - Young Jeezy - The Recession
Intro/Wake Up Mr. West/Good Morning - Kanye West - The College Dropout/Late Registration/Graduation
Intro (The Warm Up) - J.Cole - The Warm Up
Intro - Big Sean - UKNOWNBIGSEAN Vol. 2

Take a listen to these intros, I think you will agree they all offer something different, but still sound pretty amazing

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Anonymous said...

The best intro ever...JayZ-Blueprint.hands down.

Anonymous said...

Amerie's intro (forecast) as well.