Friday, July 10, 2009

Sitting On My Soapbox

I've been trying to write something for this entire week and I just couldn't bring myself to sit down and actually do it. However, I do got somethings that I have been thinking of, so I'm going to sit on my soapbox and give my opinion.

First of all, Facebook statuses.... everyone has one, you might update yours once a day, you might have just finished updating it: Great. But I truly dislike the "every 10 minute" update. I be online all day long, and Facebook is one of my 5 sites that I consistently check, but if I see someone's status that says it was logged in at 45 seconds and then 30 seconds later they have an entirely different status, its like wtf? Don't people put statuses to represent what is going on right now or just in general, can a lot really change in 15 seconds? It's like people who change their statuses so frequently are begging for attention. I actually saw a person's status that said something about "do you like my picture, you should comment on it, yada yada yada". What I came to understand, if someone likes your picture, they will most likely yet you know, stop begging for it because you might get a response that you might not like.... something on the lines of "your forehead looks like a watermelon" All in all, do people even care.

Why the hell do airline tickets cost you your first born? They always say the earlier you purchase your ticket the cheaper..... get the f*@k outta here. I tried to buy a ticket a month in advance to go home and it cost bout $200, two weeks later the same ticket was around $200. Now, you might think, thats not bad Brandon, but then why the hell is the ticket $200 4 weeks in advance...can I get me a $150 ticket or something. Why buy a ticket early if I know I can buy it for the same price two weeks later. Southwest has/had this bomb-ass deal: if you fly 400 miles your ticket will be $40 bucks each way, 600 miles $60 bucks and so on. But get this, you had to buy the ticket now, yet the ticket had to be used during September 9th - November 18th. Who the hell on a regular basis is going to know where they are going during that time, its still July! I can't even go home for Thanksgiving on that deal! Every time I go home, Southwest has this big banner talking bout flying for cheap and this and that, but every time I go on their website to book a flight, why does it come out to being bout $400? Dear Airlines, stop raping your customers.

I had three topics I wanted to touch on, but it seems that I have forgotten my third. So, if I remember it, I'll be sure to let ya know. On that note, it's Friday, have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...


I totally agree with both topics, the first one is super annoying. Its like get on twitter if you feel the need to do all that.

And....really forehead looks like a WATERMELON! I so hope that was just an example. LMAO

Anonymous said...

yeah, I agree frequent updates are annoying, a lot of them are also "attention getters".