Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good Friends

I had one of the best nights last night. What did I do? Straight chilled with friends from High School. I had two friends that were in town for a few days, so we end up catching up yesterday. We didn't go clubbing or hit some bar up, all we did was post up at the crib, talk about everything from music to politics. It was like how I expected NY to be. Yeah you want to go out and party it up, but I like the whole idea of just having people at the crib and just kicking it. And minus one or two people, I have never really had company at my apartment the way I had it last night. That is what NYC at 23 is suppose to be like. It's not suppose to be a solo-type of situation and last night was what I've been wanting for the longest. So big ups to my WBHS friends, yall gave me some hope for this city.


Anonymous said...

It really doesnt require a party or liquor thats what I've learned.

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