Thursday, August 6, 2009

Let The Beat Build

I know yall have been awaiting this post, I just had to get motivated to write something worth reading. So, the last two posts I did dedicated to music focused on Intros and your favorite forgotten songs. Today, we will be discussing the Perfect Beat. Everyone has their favorite songs, sometimes those songs might have the worse lyrics in the world, but once that beat drops you go crazy. Some songs have amazing lyrics and the beat just accompanies the content perfectly. And some songs have no words what so ever, but the beat is hypnotizing. Now, when I talk about the beat, I'm talking bout the production; the drums, the guitar, the 808s, etc. Each instrument provides something special to the overall product. Lets start off with what I was talking bout first: Bad lyrics, great beat. These songs are usually your club songs. Those songs that if you actually dissect what is being said, you will probably be ashamed of what you are listening to and reciting. However, you know when that beat comes on, you can't do anything but to get hype. Pretty much any Lil Jon song falls into this category as well as Soulja Boy, and a long list of other artists. I actually find it funny when I see girls dance and get hype to these songs cause the content is far from appeasing to the female species... but the beat bangs! Who knows what makes the song so addictive... maybe the repetitive beat, maybe the fast tone. Whatever it is, they are definitely a hit in the club/party scene.

Great Beat, Horrible Lyrics (Note**: I'm including songs that might be considered annoying now, but when they came out were hot)

Any Lil Jon song - Get Low, Bia Bia, Snap Your Fingers, Play No Games

Soulja Boy - Dunk, Turn My Swag On

and my personal favorite: Spaceships Over Bankhead - Fabo Feat. Young Jeezy

Now there are songs that the lyrics and the beat go together like PB & J. The lyrics in the song are perfect by themselves, but with the addition to the beat, you got yourself an instant classic. These songs are probably the stand-out tracks on albums, and also usually the ones that aren't played on the radio and the only way you know about them is if you actually listen to the album. Now, that is a good/bad thing: It's good cause the song won't get played out as quickly as that radio track, yet bad when nobody knows what the hell your talking about when you start to randomly recite the song. I think the producers are really proud of these tracks that they made and usually for an artist to get these particular tracks they have to be top tier i.e. Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, T.I., Kanye West (even though he is usually making the beats). The perfect beat even makes sub-par lyrical content sound like they are crafted by the best. It is difficult to know what the perfect beat is at first hear, it usually takes a few listens through, but some songs can be acknowledged with having the perfect beat after one listen to...rare, but possible.

Perfect Beat, Great Lyrics

N.I.G.G.E.R (The Slave and The Master)- Nas (produced by Toomp)

Say Hello - Jay-Z (produced by Toomp)

Say You Will - Kanye West (self-produced)

Maybach Music - Rick Ross Feat. Jay-Z (produced by Justice League)

A Milli/Let The Beat Build - Lil Wayne (produced by Bangaladesh)

Successful - Drake (produced by 40)

Best I Ever Had - Drake (produced by Boi1da) <----- I include this song, because even though it is on the radio all day, every day. When I hear it, I can't but let it play out

The Badness - J.Cole feat. Omen

What's Going On - Marvin Gaye

What Goes Around - Justin Timberlake <---- Especially the beat breakdown, at 5:20

Now lastly, its those songs that have zero lyrically content but its all about the beat. These songs show that you don't need any superstar rapper/singer/anything to make an amazing song. The production itself on the song is hypnotizing enough to carry the song for anything from 3 minutes to 6 minutes. These beats I've come to notice have been either completely smooth or extremely haunting, which isn't a bad thing. It adds a sense of atmosphere to the song. These days you don't find many songs with only beat and no lyrics, but if you can get one its usually pretty damn good. Usually these songs are jazz influenced and aren't really known to be rap songs.

All Beat (Yeah, I know not many listed here, give me a break)

Summer Madness - Kool and The Gang

Moments In Love - Art of Noise

Next Segment: Radio Tracks

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