Friday, August 14, 2009

Stuff I F**ks With

Well....I'm on a bus to DC, what else to do then to work on a new blog post. I haven't wrote one of my Stuff I F**ks With posting in about 2 forevers, so let me try to give it a go once again. However, this might be a short post because I haven't actually seen anything really worth f**king with.

August 2009 Nike SB Releases

I'm actually a big fan of the High Tops, but I was told I couldn't purchase any more blue shoes for a minute.

Hot New Mixtape

XV - Everybody's Nobody

I'm highly impressed by the new artists that have been releasing quality music this entire summer. Last time I mentioned was J.Cole, today the new guy on the block goes by the name XV and get this, he's from Kansas. Yeah, who woulda ever thought some nice rappers would come out of a state best known for...ummm, I have no idea cause my previous guess was wrong. But he's actually quite talented, his mixtape Everybody's Nobody, gets constant play on my iPod. If you have been on the search for some new music before the big Fall drops (i.e. Jay-Z, Eminem, etc), definitely give this guy a listen.

Hot Tracks
Everybody's Nobody
Gobstopper - feat. Wiz Khalifa
Life vs. Livin - feat. Big Sean
Now Look
Fall Out The Sky

Trey Songz - Anticipation

Next mixtape that has been getting some good play is Trey Songz Anticipation. It's pretty much the mixtape before the album Ready, which is suppose to drop soon. Anticipation is a solid mixtape, majority of the songs on it are pretty good, even though he has some tracks that I find very weak (Yo Side of the Bed). However, if you're a big Trey Songz fan, you will probably be in love with this mixtape even if it was just him talking over tracks. I would have liked to hear him rap a bit more on this project though, cause Trey Songz can actually spit a bar or two.

Hot Tracks
Scratchin' Me Up
Does She Know
You Belong To Me

Video Trailers
I'm not a big fan of the music video trailers, I rather you just show me the video now then show me some snips of it and have me wondering what the hell is going on.....But when Hov does it, I'll let it pass lol

Run This Town Preview

Shameless Plug

If you are into art, I'm talking about you do art, you know about art and all that art is. You should shoot Swizz Beatz an email, cause he's looking for talented individuals in the subject. If you have some samples of your work, I suggest you include that in the email as well.

I guess I don't really have much to f**k with today....oh well, maybe next time.

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