Friday, August 14, 2009

Life vs. Living

Life vs. Living, what does that really mean to you? I never really thought about it until my homeboy made the simple statement of "Life vs. Living: thats a powerful concept". And I started to think about how real those 3 words really are. From a regular, none analytical point of view, it might look as if both are the same thing or living is what life is about. But I think its so much more. Everyone/everything has Life, you are a breathing and thinking creature, you have life. Life is given and taken away every moment of the day. However, not many people are actually Living. Living is the experience that you achieve, the risks that you take and the mistakes that are made who make Living is taking advantage of Life. Some people live more realistically, some live radically, some even live dangerously. Simply said, you are enjoying life, however if you aren't doing nothing new, nothing out the ordinary, all you are doing is Life. Life is boring, life is safe; a baby has life, but they can't do anything unless they have the assistance of their parents so they aren't really able to live. But once you get older, you have the ability to Live and actually do something then what you are used to doing. Now ask yourself, is it Life or Living for you?

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Anonymous said...

I really like this, I agree wit your logic. I like to think I'm living, but I can't help to think I'm just Life.