Monday, September 14, 2009

The Weekend

The weekend has passed and I can definitely say it was a semi-disappointment with some shining glimpses of hope. Friday was suppose to start it all off perfectly, Jay-Z had his benefit concert at Madison Square Garden and I was suppose to attend. My sister and I worked on getting tickets starting at 9am... but that aint happen. The system kept saying tickets were sold out or wouldn't even let us try to buy them. How tickets are going to be sold out when we had first dips on them anyways? What I mean is that if you were a Citibank card holder (my sister) you had the chance to get tickets at 9am instead of 12 Noon like everyone else. But its cool, cause Fuse played it on television with zero commerical interruptions and I watched it in the comfort of my own home. I guess buying that 47 Inch was a genius idea lol. Next came Saturday, the J.Cole concert at NYU. Tickets again sold out, but with amazing determination, God sent an angel down to help me witness this amazing artist in concert. It was definitely worth all the waiting as well, cause he put on one hell of a show and even brought out B. Hines for a few songs. Sunday was suppose to be the real highlight of the weekend. I had got tickets to the VMAs, and from my knowledge, I would have been sitting right in front of the stage; best seats in the house. But not all is what it seems... Supposedly there were no more seats even though we had tickets... and then when we went home to watch the show, we saw a good 6-8 seats right in the front unoccupied for the entire night! I definitely didn't need to see that, but its whatever, it happens. Thats NYC for ya: Big City of dreams and disappointments. However, it's Fashion Week, so I'm destined to see some celebrities out in the streets.... I just got to get outside.

More to come

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