Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Battle of the New Titans

It is birthday blog week time! Usually on the week of my birthday I try to write a new blog post every day leading up to the big celebration, and this year that has not changed. Now, some posts might be dedicated to the actual birthday, some might not, but you should be happy with the fact that I'm actually writing something instead of posting a music video...which is still optional to do lol.

Anywho, lately I've been hearing about the debate on who is a better artist, Drake or J.Cole. And you know me, I love to give me 2 cents about any subject dealing with something I know I can comment on lol. Also, as you know, I am a huge Drake advocate, but I'm also a huge J.Cole advocate as well, shoot, many of my friends wouldn't have even known who he was if I haven't stepped in and saved their ears from the trash thats considered music now (i.e. Gucci-Mane: yeah he makes good party tracks, but overall content is wack. Thats another blog for another day). As I was saying, the question is who is the better artist, but I feel that is an incomplete question to ask. Some try to play the fence and say that Drake makes better music, but J.Cole is a better lyricist, others would just pick a side, but I'm hear more to enlighten your mind.

First off, both artists are amazing up and comers. In an industry which was starting to sound a bit played, both artists arose and brought some much needed fresh air to hip hop. When you got the heavy weights of the game not even interested in making rap anymore (i.e. Kanye - 808s and Heartbreaks, Lil Wayne - Rebirth) there is a slight problem with the music that is being created. But now we got two hungry newbies who want the crown. I felt many artists who came out were just happy being in the game, they didn't show any ambition of trying to be the best. Yeah, an artist might rap about how he/she is "great" or "the best", but did you truely believe it...naw I didn't think so. Drake and J.Cole are the best out there right now, hands down.

Now, you may say, "Well J.Cole can rap circles around Drake." Is that so, why do people think Drake is a bad rapper? Is it because of the songs that are being released to the public? Is it because it seems as if he only raps for the ladies? If you think that, then you really aren't listening very well, because if you ever listened to any of Drake's raps, he goes in every time. When have you heard a weak Drake verse? Thats what I thought, you haven't. The kid is smart, he knows that he has one of the biggest buzzes in the game, why drop a wack verse and allow someone to overally criticize him about it, I rather just keep dropping hot fire. Not to mention, he also wrote the Alicia Keys track "Unthinkable (I'm Ready), which is easiest the best track on her CD.

People also tend to say that "Drake makes better music than J.Cole." How can one say that when J.Cole drops music very strategically. Every time J.Cole drops a track, everyone listens, cause they want to hear more from him. He might not release 50 tracks a week, but when he does give you a taste of what he is cooking, the audience comes back begging for more. And whenever he does give the world a chance to listen in on what he has been doing, everyone seems to be very satisfied afterwards.

Now, I'm not trying to compare the two, but I'm trying to open your eyes to the difference. Drake and J.Cole are two different artists who rap about two different subjects of life, just like Jay-Z and Nas are two different artists who rap about two different subjects of life. You like how I just repeated myself right? Jay-Z and Nas are both the greats of our generation, but if you really look at everything, they are as different as oranges and apples, and you can't compare what is different...well you can, but you get what I'm trying to say. Drake and J.Cole just might be...(GASP), the Jay-Z and Nas of the new generation?! Haha, I aint going to go that far, but you understand the point of view I'm representing. If anything, I'm interested to see how their debut albums sound before I start crowning folk.

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