Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How To Make it in America x Diddy

I know how everyone feels about me posting videos and not actually writing something of substance. But I do have two items that I have to share with the masses. The first is a link to HBO's YouTube page. I would have tried to embed the video, but HBO disabled that. If you are a fan of the show Entourage, HBO has a new series premiering on February 14th called "How To Make it in America". It chronicles 3 young New Yorkers and their journey in trying to become successful. The show also features a recurring cameo from your favorite G.O.O.D music arist, Kid Cudi. The link will let you check out the show's first episode in full, so I suggest you give it a look.

The 2nd video is of one of the best personalities to ever grace this world: Diddy. You have to admit, when Diddy talks about anything, you can't help but listen to what he's going to do or say, cause it's either going to be hilarious or make some actual sense. The video is a short clip of him talking about how great he is (like he usually always does) but then transitions into his verse from Waka Flocka Flame's "O Lets Do It Remix". I tell you, it was probably one of the cleanest transitions I've ever seen, I literally had to rewind the clip to see it again. Straight hilarity yet I am so impressed.

"I got my billions up, f**kin with them white folk/Now I don't give a f**k, cause I'm richer than them white folk"

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