Saturday, February 13, 2010


When I'm traveling around this city, I always have my headphones on listening to music. Throughout the years I acquired a large amount of music but at the same time I've lost a large number due to hard drive crashes and stolen iPods, etc. Anyways, its a late night, I'm coming from seeing "The Wolfman" with my sister and the best song started to play. Don't you love when you get that good shuffle and all the hits are playing. Well I didn't get that lol, instead I got the most obscure set of songs playing, which is cool cause I was reacquainted with an amazing song, N.E.R.D's "Provider". Now, did you know they had a music video for this song? Yeah, I bet you didn't so thats why I'm going to post it :) So take some time out, and appreciate those amazing pieces of music that you forget about... and listen to it. And if I remember a good song, I'll be sure to help you all remember it as well. Hmmm, sounds like a new segment....

Oh yeah, The Wolfman was pretty deso, check it out if you were thinking about it anyways.

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