Thursday, April 29, 2010

Find You Love - Drake

2nd single off of Drake's Debut "Thank Me Later", dropping June 15th.

So, this is the 2nd single off the album? Its an interesting direction he took, I'm not
mad at it but I am curious to see what it turns into. Off of first listen it definitely wasn't
something I was expected. I was expecting a slower, jazzier beat, a bit more sexier if anything.
But I forgot, this beat is coming from a post- 808s and Heartbreaks Kanye and thats what
the beat reminds me off. Thats not a bad thing, because after a 2nd/3rd listen to the song starts
to come full circle. Its suppose to be a love song not a bed song and love songs can be and are
upbeat expressions. If anything, this song showcases the versatility of Drake as an artist and that
he can release a song of straight singing and it be legit.
And I'm still looking forward to June 15th.

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