Tuesday, April 27, 2010

J.Cole - Who Dat?

The long awaited first single from J.Cole and it goes hard. Less talk, more listen. Enjoy

You know what? J.Cole makes good music. Lyrically, the guy can't be messed with and thats what makes this song so good. The beat isn't your usual synthesized beat with drums and lasers on it. Its a beat that reminds you of old school hip-hop, raw and uncut. I think the horns in the background of the song really bring out the retro-ness and that intro is cold. It goes perfectly with the way J.Cole raps, thats why he flows so well over it, you can tell the beat was built for him. I didn't expect a club banger to be his first single mainly because I don't see J.Cole as a club banger artist, but I do see him as an artist who is going to drop lyrical heat.

" Now who else wants to f**k with Hollywood Cole"

**SideNote: I had to delete the T.I. video for right now, damn thing was messing up the flow of the blog. I'll put it back on later

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