Monday, May 3, 2010

It's a Black President, Huey Freeman

Last night premiered the first episode of the last season of The Boondocks. After a two year hiatus, the show returns as it has never left. The 3rd season starts off with a satirical look at the period when Barack Obama was being elected. The episode touched on a bit of everything that happened during the time he got elected. People/celebrities jumping on the Obama bandwagon , putting Obama on any and everything to sale some merchandise and pretty much thinking that because he got into office that everything would change by the next day.

My only gripe about The Boondocks being back on the air isn't even about the show but more about the people viewing it. People will watch it and talk about how they are looking so forward to it, but right when the show goes off they turn on their "self-righteous, I hope people are smart enough for this show" bs. I understand that there are people out there who might not clearly understand the message that the show was trying to convey, but can you at least give them a few hours to to get it before you start going in on how they aren't probably educated enough for it. And if you feel that majority of the people probably aren't smart enough for the show, how bout you take your elite ass down a step and go explain it. While I'm over joyed that the show is back on, I know that every Sunday I will hear how great the show is followed up by how ignorant everyone else is. I guess it's just one of those prices you have to pay.

Ooh, I've also included the episode for ya'll who didn't get a chance to see the episode. I'll try to post each week's episode on here just like I did for How to Make it in America.

P.S. Everybody was D**k Riding Obama, we all wanted him to win as bad as the next person. So if someone tries to clown you for it, say yeah, I was and keep it moving. The fools who are talking about how they weren't were probably the biggest riders out there.

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