Monday, May 24, 2010

The Legend of Jimmy Rebel

Episode 4, The Legend of Jimmy Rebel was an interesting take on white Southern culture. Every part of this episode touched on a major part of southern white culture, from country music/movie stars to the Dukes of Hazard fan-service to even a Chapelle's Show nod with the black white-supremicist. If you failed to recorganize the stars they were satiring, it was definitely Johnny Cash and Jerry Reed; both well-known country singers as well as an actor ( Reed) who were praised for their contributions to the...well, white culture. I felt that this episode was one of those episodes in which can either be seen as a great counter-culture satire or just a huge mistake. Boondocks is known for its excessive use of the N-word, but with this episode it was almost overkill with it. And maybe that is what they were going for, an overkill of racism to prove a point, because we all know with the media these days, racism makes a lot of money(Fox news anyone?). And I know I've touched on this in a previous post about educating the people that don't understand the message that the Boondocks is trying to convey, but my big problem is that this episode is going to give these racist white people even more negative things to say about...well, everybody. White people feel like saying Nigger is going to hurt my feelings, which it doesn't. I actually get more upset at the audacity that they have to say the word to me in the attempt to hurt me over the actual word being hurtful. But maybe this episode will show white people how absurb they can be with their racism, maybe.

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Anonymous said...

You have no idea what you're talking about... This episode wasn't a parody of either Johnny Cash or Jerry Reed regardless of your "definitely".

This episode parodies an artist named "Johnny Rebel" who wrote some very, very racist songs... in fact, some of the song titles slipped under the door are ACTUAL Johnny Rebel songs.

You ought to be more careful about what you write.