Friday, June 11, 2010

The Calm

So I'm sitting in the office on a Friday afternoon, sounds crazy right? I haven't spent time in an actual office area for over a year and now I'm sitting in this office waiting for this last hour to past and I can get to those 2 days of freedom from this contractual agreement with this mutli-million dollar company. As I await that 5 o'clock time stamp, I start listening to Drake's "The Calm". I love this song, the beat is moody and dark, yet very relaxed as if its the calm before the storm, hence the name I bet lol. Sometimes you need that calm before all the action and explosions happen (i.e. the weekend) and good music can be the perfect avenue to achieve it.

"I said I call this s**t the calm, but I'm the furthest thing from calm/ I swear I'm putting on but they always try to ask what type act you putting on.."

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