Monday, June 7, 2010

Smoking with Cigarettes

Episode 6
Damn Boondocks, you just don't care who you be going in on do ya? I'm not mad at it though, ya'll do a great job at it and I hope to see more. This particular episode focused on the issue of America's youth. These days these kids are bad as hell, they talk back to their parents, treat people or their personal properties with no respect. Its actually very scary if you take some time and think about it, these kids are suppose to be the future of our society, and honestly thats why the epsiode was set up to be like a horror movie. Yeah, we all know where the inspiration came from, the news story of Latarian Milton, a 7 yr old who took a joy ride in his grandmother's car and raised all kinds of hell. If you haven't seen the news clips, I leave some links at the bottom of the post for you to check it out. However, the episode did a great job at presenting its issue by satiring classic movies such as Juice and Halloween. Lamilton was pretty much a mix between Bishop from Juice and Michael Myers from the Halloween movies. He was cold-blooded, showed no regret for the actions he did or any fear of the consequences. The scene at the end of the episode where he falls off the school, hits the ground and then supposedly disappears....taken straight from the 1st Halloween movie. Even the crazy doctor chasing and obsessing over him for the entire episode was taking from Halloween movie series. And the way the ended the episode with the white kid acting the same way, classic. Why you ask? Because its a vicious circle, these kids aren't getting better if we continue to make excuses for them like the grandmother was doing throughout the episode (which is even more hilarious because Aaron McGruder made her look and sound just like the real grandmother), we need to get in these kid's asses and instill fear in them. And I'm not trying to sound like no child-beater or hater, but if the child doesn't fear consequences then they will do whatever they want. I look at it like this, I respect my dad, he has never laid a finger on me, but no matter how old I am (I could be 35 with my own kids), I will still be scared of my dad because he instilled that fear/respect of him in me. All I'm saying is....if your kid is acting like a damn demon in the grocery store, throwing temper tantrums, when nobody is looking, give that boy/girl a solid slap to the back of the head and that evil eye (ya'll know what I'm talking bout). I bet they shut the f**k up then, because I be damned if my kid is stealing my car or talking back to me. Do I look like a white person? Until next time :)



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Anonymous said...

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