Thursday, June 3, 2010

Leaked Albums

I have not downloaded Drake's "Thank Me Later". I plan on waiting until June 15th, coping the album and that will be the first time I will listen to any of the tracks that aren't singles (i.e. Over, For Your Love and Miss Me). I see the other tracks posted on blogs, I have access to the link to the entire CD, but I choose not to go that route. I plan on doing this for J.Cole, Kanye and a range of other artists that I truly respect (Gucci Mane = HELL THE F**K NO). These days with the internet being the way it is, its hard to keep something as pure as the first day it releases; movies are leaked (X-Men Orgins: Wolverine), albums are leaked, shoot even video games have hit the net. And with the whole idea of blogging and twittering and facebook statusing, everyone has access to express their opinion whether you want to hear it or not. Maybe its the the love for the art or maybe I'm just missing a screw in my brain, but I do like to be surprised and excited for something new. I do enjoy purchasing great music and watching amazing movies, yeah I can get it for free, but that takes all the excitement out of trying to rip through that crazy-ass hard plastic on CDs or sitting in that theater chair with a bucket full of hot, buttery popcorn awaiting for the intro music to play of your much anticipated movie. So do me a favor, if you have listened to it, please refrain from talking about it to me, rather you like it or not. I want to have the freedom to listen to it and judge it for myself. You know, kinda like going to a movie that you are really looking forward to, you don't want to know the ending by some loudmouth who already seen it before.

Much appreciated and Enjoy

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