Thursday, June 3, 2010

Won't Back Down

Eminem dropped a new song for the masses today. It's entitled "Won't Back Down" and features your favorite cirque du soleil-performing artist Pink (I honestly don't know what type of music she makes these days, she came out doing R&B then went to some type of pop/rock infusion). The track is produced by DJ Khalil, who simply makes amazing sounding music and this one shouldn't disappointment. The beat is a guitar and drum infused opus that probably would sound ridiculous if performed live and Eminem just rips the track. I wasn't a huge fan of the chorus on his previous single (even though I liked the song) and Pink does a good job of providing her unique rock sound to the chorus.

Eminem's 6th album*, Recovery drops June 22nd.

Sidenote: I love the the album artwork that is going to be used. Detroit isn't necessary known for its skyline, but its actually quite beautiful. And it also gives the idea that Eminem is/has recover(ing/ed) and that Detroit is trying to do the same.

*I don't count his independent album, Infinite as apart of his major distribution releases*

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