Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Responding to the Anonymous Commenter

Ooh, its time to do one of my favorite past-times: Respond to the Anonymous Commenter

I did this before but if you aren't familiar with it this is how this works out, I present the comment in its entirely and then I will respond to it. Pretty simple if I may say myself.

"Drake is at a point in his career where he can't fail...b/c he's Drake. When some artist recognize this, they take full advantage by putting out less reportable music at a faster pace knowing his "fans"will eat it up. Drake can put out a track just breathing w/ an overly produced beat & still sell millions. He's a decent talent but after listening to the album I'm still wondering what I should be thanking him about...this album NOTHING! So far gone the mixtape...crazy!"

And now my response

I agree with you that Drake is at the point where he almost can't fail, but not because he's Drake, but because he paid his dues. Hard-work pays off and you can't say that dude hasn't be working his ass off. If artists these days put in as much work as much into their music as they do running their mouth about how great they are and how much money they got, maybe the music would be better. I don't think Drake thought, "let me put out less reportable music at a faster pace because I know my fans will eat it up", he that was the case the album would have dropped last year right after So Far Gone dropped and he was at the pinnacle of his buzz. This makes me think, did you actually listen to the album or just let it play? Because I had a similar conversation with a friend of mine saying that he couldn't figure out if Drake was actually saying something in his music. And I explained to him, Drake does have lyrical content in many of his songs, but you have to actually sit down and listen to it to grasp it. Listen beyond the clever punch lines and amazing production and you will hear the story of a brand new artist who has gotten the chance of a lifetime. Tracks like "The Resistance" describes his difficulty in trying to stay the same while amidst of all his new found celebrity; even in "Fireworks" he raps about the fact that he is surprised that his 15 minutes of fame are still clocking; "Unforgettable" is self-explanatory, but also is him playing a subliminal tribute to the late-singer Aaliyah (originally 100% publishing was suppose to go the Aaliyah's family, but after her mother her the song she chose to let him use it free of charge) ; "Light Up" just like I said in my review is a mentor-men-tee conversation of trying to stay true to oneself in the music industry, and that no matter how hard you try, there will be some casualties and you will change; and lastly "Thank Me Now" he raps about the fact that he understands that this album is his one chance and as soon as he is here he could be gone tomorrow. I could continue on and on about which lines were said here and there, but the point I am trying to make is... LISTEN. I know the production is better than a lot of the trash that is out there now, but try to listen beyond that, cause you will catch things. And speaking of production, people should be overjoyed that his album has so many aspects to it: it has amazing production, solid lyrical content and a good mix of Rap and R&B. It's got tracks you can party to, tracks you can vibe out to, tracks you can get it on to... it's an album, its suppose to give you an experience, a story, a chance for a new artist to represent himself and thats EXACTLY what it does. The main reason why everyone thinks So Far Gone is just so ridiculous (I agree) is because it was something fresh and new; no one ever heard a mixtape that sounded so well put together. And just like I said in my review, my opinion on the album will most likely change, and I was right in my prediction, I enjoy the album so much more now that I gave it time to marinate and appreciate the work that was put in on it. All in all, be appreciative of an artist who actually makes good music, or is Waka Flocka your favorite rapper?

Don't even get me started on that album sales fuckery because thats a whole 'nother post for another day.

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