Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Soundtrack of the Summer

Yesterday marked the official first day of Summmer. It's funny because I swear by the heat I've been getting hit by Summer was unoffically here for the last two weeks or so...I guess these seasons don't like to formally announce themselves. Anyways, the season of Summer brings so many things to the table; vacations, BBQs, less clothing (hehehe, hohoho, hahaha) and my personal favorite, Summer-Time music releases. Albums release all year-round, but nothing beats a banging CD that comes out in the Summer and is known as your *dun dun dun* SOUNDTRACK OF THE SUMMER (Summer, Summer, Summer...)

Well, this Summer, I'm very excited for 5 particular Albums to drop (two of which already have), so I'll let you in on my Summer Banger Wish-List. It's kinda like a Christmas List, the Summer. Without further ado, in no particular order, here all my Top 5.

Eminem - Recovery <--- Released yesterday, I will provide a full review on it soon

Drake - Thank Me Later <--- You already know how I feel bout this one

J.Cole - Cole World (Tentative Title) <--- One Word: Anxious

Kanye West - Good A** Job <--- Rumor has it it comes out in September, but doesn't Fall start on like September 22nd, this will be out before it.

Young Jeezy - Thug Motitvation 103 <--- Come on now, you already know Jeezy drops his albums in the Summer just so you can hop in whatever vehicle you drive and bang out. He even sub-titles his singles as "The Summer Anthem", if you haven't heard All White probably need to crawl from under that rock that you happen to be.

There you have it, my Top 5 Summer Albums, not yours. Two of which already dropped and I'm quite pleased with, so I'm 2 for 5, I'm trying to go for that 100%.

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