Monday, November 22, 2010

Picture Time

In a continued celebration of new Kanye Album, Complex magazine has a pictorial article entitled "The Making of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" which is a collection of behind-the-scenes pictures taken during the creation process. Here is my favorite picture and if you would like to see the rest go HERE, not there.

If you have issues reading the posted-notes they read:

No Tweeting
No Hipster Hats
All Laptops on Mute
Just Shut the F**k Up Sometimes
No Tweeting Please, Thank you
No Blogging
No Negative Blog Viewing
Don't Tell Anyone Anything about Anything That We Are Doing
No Racking Focus while Music is Being Played or is Playing
Total Focus on the Project in all Studios
No Acoustic Guitar in the studio
No Pictures ( Which I find funny and ironic)

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