Saturday, July 19, 2008


Wow, I saw The Dark Knight last night and it was simply AMAZING. I was hooked into the movie for the entire time. Heath Ledger played the hell out of the Joker; he played the character so well that you could never tell that it was Heath Ledger, never. The story, the dialogue, the action, the cinematography, all of it was done so well, so perfect. I even liked the fact that they showed Batman as the great detective that he is and not just as the ass kicking hero. But I'm not trying to give too much away, all I know is that 1. It is a must-see movie, one if not the best movie of the summer and 2. there better be some solid gold man talk if you get my drift
I'm a kid at heart, if you didn't know that then I suppose you don't know me, but that is here nor there. Anywayz, an amazing piece of animation is about to conclude its 3 season run. This show is the Avatar: The Last Airbender, and it happens to come on the network that you once loved as a kid, but started to hate as you grew up, Nickelodeon. I say hate, because you remember the good shows like Salute Your Shorts but now they got the bs shows like SpongeBob Square Pants (all my opinion). As I was saying, the show the Avatar is concluding with a 2 hour long finale, but I'm just so disappointed that great gems of shows like these are going off the air while other trash stays. Damn the 65-episode rule in which shows get around 65 episodes before they are abruptly cancelled and replaced by some newly developed show. Some shows are lucky and are given the chance to conclude properly while others just end, no matter how deep the character developments are. Shows like Hey Arnold, Are You Afraid of The Dark, and Pete and Pete are cancelled simply based off the fact that these networks want to keep fresh and new ideas flowing. But we all know that some of these ideas are terrible and rotten. I feel if the show is successful, and people are watching it, let it ride, let the characters grow, let the stories build and let the viewers enjoy.

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